News: 30 Hip-Hop Recipes Taking Over The Kitchen

News: 30 Hip-Hop Recipes Taking Over The Kitchen


Rappers Delight

Ladies, you ever felt like you were a beast in the kitchen but ran out of new ideas or ways to satisfy your mans appetite? Well if the answer is yes; we’ve discovered a dope cookbook that’ll not only feed your man but also touch his soul with some of the greatest songs in Hip-Hop history.

Rapper’s Delight: The Hip Hop Cookbook isn’t your ordinary cookbook. Aside from the music inspired recipes the book is also illustrated with some pretty interesting pictures. Inside this creative cookbook you’ll find recipes such as Wu-Tang Clam Chowder, Ludacrispy Duck with Ho-Sin Sauce, and Slick Ricotta Tart (Feat. Doug E Crème Fraîche) just to name a few.

“Hip hop and food have a long and intertwined history. The genre has spawned many flavas and beefs…Following on from that heritage this book pays tribute to the music, culture and creativity of hip hop.” – Rappers Delight Cookbook

Want to learn how to combine your lyrics and taste buds? Check out the links below and order your cookbook today!