Event Recap: @BIGNOAH256 Gets The 2chainz “Trapavelli” Experience

Event Recap: @BIGNOAH256 Gets The 2chainz “Trapavelli” Experience



As an “influencer” and contributor to the culture I’m always invited or at tons of events but it’s rare these days to come across an event that you can visually tell the artist or person in the spotlight actually had a major part in the process and outcome of the event. We all knew 2chainz aka Tity Boi was about to release the third installment to his Trapavelli mixtape series titled “Trapavelli Tre“. As with any project it was common sense a listening session would take place, usually at a studio & the artist may or may not attend. Now a days a listening session is just another industry event with a room full of people trying to boost about themselves or obtain your contact info to nag you for favors. Unlike those listening sessions this event for 2chainz mixtape wasn’t anything like that. My home girl Lacy hit me up and said the Street Execs family had a creative and interesting idea for the release & the excitement in her voice let me know I couldn’t miss this. A Few days before the release 2chainz announced he would also be releasing a clothing line in conjunction with the mixtape which would be unveiled at the listening session.

As I bent the corner & pulled up on Peters street looking for the location. I noticed a three-story building with ‘Trapavelli’ glowing across the top. Walking up to the building I had no idea what to expect, but its clear a experience was about to take place NOT your typical listening session.  

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Me & the homie @SRDtv were the first media to show up & the whole team hosting the event was running around crazy finishing up last minute preparation but there was still a smile on their face and they all were anxious for everyone to finally see their hard work come to life.  Outside was Charlie Jabaley, a Co-owner of Street Execs. Charlie is someone I personally study & look up too to learn from. I would suggest any entrepreneur in this game to keep an eye on him for indirect mentorship and learning. Not only does his IG motivate and push you to step your game up, but the way he carries himself and ora he projects is something to be noted and applied to yourself. While outside you could tell his game face was on. He was shaking each persons hand and personally thanking them for attending, his charisma & swagger was on 110%. The funniest part of being outside was the slew of Atlanta rappers riding by trying to peep what 2 necklace had going down (as they should be , he has now set the bar high for listening sessions and pop-up shops). We saw you taking notes, YOUNG DRO LOL. Finally it was time to enter the “Trapavelli Experience” & clothing store..

As you entered the Trapavelli store you instantly feel you’re in the trap. (DISCLAIMER: Not that I would know anything about a trap or anything about anything. I DON’T KNOW NOTHING, I AINT SEEN NOTHING, NEVER BEEN AROUND NOTHING. AINT HEARD NOTHING.) Now that we covered that…

When you entered the downstairs you see street graffiti covering the walls in a empty room that only has a lifting bench, weights, & directly beside that is a stove with dirty pyrex glassware on top of it. The icing on the cake was the fact the air is cut off on purpose and it was over 90 degrees. Safe to say the Trap feeling hits you as soon as you walk in. The experience doesn’t get much realier than pyrex glassware,stoves, & no air.IMG_3485


After a brief introduction to the “Trapavelli Experience” it was time to head upstairs. As you head up the steps 2chainz official tracklisting for “Trapavelli Tre” is spray painted in graffiti on the sidewall from the bottom to the top of the stairwell.

Takin notes from @streetexecschuck

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The second-story of the building features 2chainz new (exclusive to Atlanta) clothing line ‘Trapavelli’. 80% of the time when a artist does a pop-up shop the clothes are medicore and cost to much for the average consumer of their music. However it was clear 2chainz studied their failures as this was completely different. Each piece was dope as f*ck. As soon as I saw the merch I was drawn to a t-shirt which featured the face of BMF boss Demetrius Flenory (better known as BIG MEECH) and the ‘Trapavelli’ logo covering his eyes. I (like several others) legit had to have it, wasn’t even a question. There were also even simple Street Execs t-shirts for those just wanting to support the brand. The best part was everything was affordable.

Also on the second floor you can find more expensive items like Trapavelli AirWalk Board‘s, Backpacks, Jeans, & his signature custom poncho’s like the one he wore at Birthday Bash this past June. The merch was flying off the shelves, workers running back in forth processing sales. The pop-up show was a goddamn success. Crazy part is as I’m taking all this in, it hits me there’s still one more level to this trap infused function, Yep chainz had levels to this shit. The last level was the inside listening session with an outside rooftop. Soon as you hit the top level DJ Esudd was spinning new cuts off ‘Trapavelli Tre’. The party had started. The open bar ( Yes my nigga OPEN BAR) was going and the complimentary hookahs were out and the people were active, so you know what that officially meant: IT-WAS-LIT. Everyone working the rooftops had on medical mask like you would wear if you were cooking & water whipping in the trap. The bar tenders served your liquor or drink of choice in baby bottles just like you would lean, the attention to details was incredible. It was the perfect execution & delivery of the theme and story behind 2chainz ,his brand and his new music. That whole experience being concluded with the last level of the store blasting the new tape was the perfect introduction to ‘Trapavelli Tre’. The concept truly came to life and it wasn’t some bullshit thrown together by a company for an artist, you felt 2chainz vision, creativity, and direction everywhere you looked in that building from top to bottom. A hour or so after kicking off the listening session the man of the hour, 2 necklace arrived to join the function.

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Soon as 2chainz hit the door you could see the smirk on his face that he had a hit with the pop-up shop & mixtape. The trap was booming: clothing was being sold left & right, heads were nodding to the music, and most importantly people were on social media spreading positive feedback from the experience they just received which was building a huge buzz for the project. The city showed up strong, everyone was in attendance Zaytoven, TM88, Young Joc, DC Young Fly, Tyrone, and every media member from the ATL and surrounding areas.

Chapo JUnior

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Shoutout everyone who attended with me and showed love: WhyCauseICan, Kap G, Queen Bobbi, Cam Kirk, Hustleman, ElDorado From Hiphopsince1987 & anyone  else I forgot to mention.

Huge shoutout to the whole Street Execs team for the hard work they put in to deliver a world class trap experience to the culture without any gimmicks or industry bullshit: Lacy, Charlie, Al, Strap, Mrs. Karol, & The store manager Dion Leeks (plus anyone else I may have forgotten).

The ‘Trapavelli’ popup shop will be open until Thursday @ 315 Peters St Atlanta, Ga 30313, if you haven’t went by I HIGHLY recommended you do so because it was dope as shit. Checkout more images from the private event & listening session below courtesy of WhyCauseICan.

BIGNOAH is a cultural influencer from Alabama, Follow him on Twitter.

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